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A 1-Day Workshop on

Applied Counselling & Mental Well-being

Building Positive Interpersonal & Healthy Work Relationships


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$650.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

The workshop aims to enhance participants’ understanding of the importance of positive relationships in the workplace and provide them with practical strategies to cultivate great relationships.

The workshop covers communication and active listening, building trust and respect, conflict resolution, and collaboration and teamwork.

Through interactive discussions, exercises, and action planning, participants will gain valuable insights and actionable steps to foster positive workplace relationships and create a harmonious work environment.

  • Introduction to Positive Workplace Relationships
  • Understanding Workplace Relationships
  • Communicating and Active Listening
  • Building Trust and Respect
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Demonstrate the Understanding of the Importance of Positive Relationships at Work
  • Demonstrate Active Listening Skills, Building Trust and Respect with Colleagues
  • Demonstrate Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Ability to Develop Actionable Steps to Foster Positive Workplace Relationships
  • Gain Insights In Harmonious Work Environments

Who Should Attend

Business Owners / Corporate Leaders/ Corporate Directors
Head of Departments/ Functional Managers / Supervisors
Executives who wish to enhance their interpersonal skills
HR Managers / Executives

Our Trainer

Ms. Jeslyn Lim

Founder & Managing Director of Mind Culture, Developmental Psychologist

MEd Development Psych., BA Applied Psych., Registered Practitioner & Supervisor (APACS), ACTA, Certified Hypnotist

Jeslyn is the Founder and Managing Director of Mind Culture and Co-founder of Thrive Psychology Clinic.

She is a certified practitioner of Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and a member of the Association for IEMT Practitioners. She is also the Immediate Past President of the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) as well as a full member of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).

Jeslyn has also spent years in the private sector at the management level, ensuring employees’ well-being by performing conflict resolution, and providing counselling services. In her dealing with clients regarding matters of safety, crisis, and restorative management. Jeslyn has developed therapeutic interventions to promote motivation and heighten work morale as well as work ethics.

Credentials & Certifications

Registered Practitioner & Supervisor (APACS)
Advanced Certification in S-Path Hypnotherapy
Certified 7-Path Self- Hypnosis Teacher
Advanced Certification in Training and Assessment

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