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A 1-Day Workshop on


Secrets To Tap Into Your Customer's Buying Brain


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$580.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

In any marketing and selling situation, there are ‘mind buttons’ existing in your prospective customer’s brain. When such buttons are pushed… it will stimulate the customer to think of your product/service/offer as more desirable and appealing – thus resulting in a successful sale.

Conversely, there are also ‘mind hinderances’ – factors that will influence the customer NOT to buy.

The “Neuro-Marketing: Secrets To Tap Into Your Customer’s Buying Brain” workshop gives you the tools to elevate your customers’ desire to buy… while eliminating hurdles that can cause a no-sale. There are no complex “brain stuff”.

Instead, every Neuro-Marketing idea/strategy is presented in an easy-to-understand manner — and enhanced with real-world marketing stories and engaging examples.

  • Fascinating scientific discoveries on what turns a customer’s brain to go from ‘not buying’… to ‘buy’
  • A simple ‘anyone-can-use’ selling tactic that increases sales from 18% to 33%
  • Methods to have your customers feel your product is ‘worth it’ despite it being higher-priced than your competitors in the market
  • How to psychologically increase trust in the customer’s mind in the first few minutes
  • A mind-influencing technique to present an expensive price-tag – so that it comes across as unintimidating… and have people feel comfortable about paying
  • Secrets of triggering emotions using carefully crafted selling words (plus: discover the emotions that make a purchase possible)
  • Why discounts can be harmful (learn when is it useful to offer discounts… and when is it not)
  • How to make your competitors price insignificant to your clients (no matter how well or cheap they price it)
  • How to fuse your marketing materials or sales pitch with elements focused on stimulating your potential customer’s brain… and encouraging a positive buying response
  • Understand how the brain goes from ‘normal’ to ‘buying’ mode
  • Develop your own marketing/advertising materials that are focused on stimulating the potential customer’s brain and encouraging a positive response
  • Eliminate redundant components in marketing materials that doesn’t impact or drive a customer any closer towards a buying decision
  • Discover how global brands (and some smaller-but-profitable companies) are successfully using neuro-marketing in their promotions
  • How to craft an Irresistible Marketing Offer that triggers people’s minds to uncontrollably say ‘Yes’ to your offer

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Sales and Business Development Professionals
Customer Service Managers / Product Managers
Advertising Professionals
Marketers / Digital Marketers
Anyone interested in enhancing adoption, buy-in and retention from customers

Our Trainer

Mr. Tylus Lim

Founder & Lead Trainer, Tycoon Brain Productions

BA Marketing, Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor

Tylus is the Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, and a persuasive communications and marketing expert with over 21+ years of business & training experience across a range of course topics such as persuasive communications and marketing.

Tylus specialises in the customization and delivery of training programmes to schools, public sectors, statutory boards and companies – and help provide valuable learning to the audience using fresh engaging teaching strategies.

With over 13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people in Asia, with participants from different public sectors, schools, agencies and statutory boards, he has developed training programmes with in-depth contents and curriculum that cumulatively add up to over 200+ hours of materials. In addition, he has assisted personal consulting & training clients to improve personal effectiveness and achieve their career goals.

Credentials & Certifications

Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor
Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, a training consultancy
Trained for public sectors, schools, agencies, statutory board
13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people

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