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A 1-Day Workshop on

Motivational Interviewing Skills

Foster Lasting Change And Empower Personal Growth


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$580.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

Discover the transformative power of motivational interviewing!

Over the course of the programme, you will delve into the core principles and techniques of this client- centered approach. Learn to build rapport, express empathy, and uncover discrepancies to fuel motivation. Gain skills in effectively responding to resistance and nurturing self-efficacy.

Through engaging activities, including role plays and reflective exercises, you’ll sharpen your ability to ask powerful questions, deliver affirmations, practice reflective listening, and summarize key points. By the end, you’ll be equipped to integrate motivational interviewing into your professional practice, fostering lasting change and empowering personal growth. Join us and become a catalyst for positive transformation!

  • Understanding Motivation
  • Core Principles of Motivational Interviewing
  • Motivational Interviewing Techniques: Open- Ended Questions and Affirmations
  • Reflective Listening and Summarizing
  • Addressing Resistance and Sustain Talk
  • Eliciting Change Talk
  • Case Studies and Role Plays
  • Ethical Considerations in Motivational Interviewing
  • Ongoing Skill Development
  • Understanding that change and motivation come from within
  • Adopt a client-centered approach
  • Gain the skills in effective exploration of indecisiveness, build rapport, and evoke change talk
  • Empowers participants to become facilitators of positive change by enhancing their ability to listen empathetically, ask powerful questions, deliver affirmations, and summarise key points
  • Realise that motivational interviewing can be a transformative conversation that empower individuals to achieve their goals and make lasting positive changes in their lives

Who Should Attend

Business Owners & Directors
Managers & Team Leaders
HR Professionals
Individuals interested to acquire HR interviewing skills

Our Trainer

Mr. Thomas Toh

Counselling Psychologist & Mental Health Expert

Master of Counselling (Monash), BA Psychology (Murdoch), Certified Hypnotherapist, Advanced Certification in 5-Path, 7-Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher, Practitioner in NLP

Thomas work with youths and adults in helping them gain clarity and excel in various domains (self, school, work, and relationships), while achieving a healthy mental well-being. He uses an eclectic approach to meet his client needs, by drawing on multiple therapeutic methods for each individual client.

Besides providing 1-to-1 counselling, he also gives mental wellbeing talks/workshops that educate, inspire and motivate individuals ranging from parents to professionals and corporate leaders in the area of mental health.

The opportunity to work with a team in the Ministry of Education (MOE) that specializes in assessment and development of programmes for special needs children has exposed and expanded his variety of clientele. From conducting assessments for the children, collaborating with school teachers and working closely with educational psychologists, Thomas has broadened his exposure to working with individuals across various age groups, as well as part of a bigger organisation.

Credentials & Certifications

7-Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher
Advanced Certification in 5-Path Hypnotherapy
Certified Hypnotherapist - National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH)
Practitioner in NLP - American Board of NLP, USA

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