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A 1-Day Workshop on

Design Thinking

Creativity for Innovative Problem Solving


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$580.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

Immerse yourself with this hands-on training course that equips participants with the mindset, tools, and methodologies of design thinking. This course empowers individuals to approach complex challenges with empathy, creativity, and a user-centered perspective, driving innovative solutions across diverse industries.

The training course begins by introducing participants to the principles and philosophy of design thinking. They will:

  • Understand the importance of embracing a human-centric approach, focusing on the needs, desires, and behaviors of end-users
  • Empathise with users through interviews, observations, and building user personas, allowing them to gain deep insights into the problem
  • Explore the iterative nature of design thinking
  • Learn to generate and develop creative ideas through brainstorming, mind mapping, and other ideation techniques
  • Delve into techniques of evaluating and selecting ideas based on feasibility, desirability, and viability
  • Gain practical experience in creating prototypes
  • Explore methods for creating compelling narratives to communicate design concepts and gain stakeholder buy-in
  • What is Design Thinking?
  • Applying Design thinking to your business
  • Empathy – Placing yourself in the shoes of the User
  • Define – Know the problem? Solve the problem!
  • Ideation – Letting your imagination take the lead
  • Prototyping – Bringing your ideas to life
  • Testing – Validate your claims with real data
  • Understand key concepts of design thinking to communicate the design outcomes
  • Effectively define design-related problems and break them down into their root causes
  • Apply design thinking to solve problems and generate ideas for your business
  • Dive in-depth into each facet of the Design Thinking process and apply it to your business to identify opportunities
  • Gain deeper insight into your users / customers, and better align your goals with their needs
  • Learn methods for idea generation used by industry practitioners
  • Implement plans to embed various stages of design thinking across the organization
  • Execute the design concept through prototypes
  • Interpret the test data and use it to drive design-decisions

Who Should Attend

C-Suite Executives (e.g. CEO, CFO, CMO)
Directors & Senior Managers
Product Managers
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Marketers / Sales / Business Development Professionals
Anyone seeking to enhance their digital marketing knowledge and skills

Our Trainer

Mr. Jeremiah Lim

Founder, Digital Marketing Agency Former Head of Marketing with F&B Groups

Executive MBA, BA Communications, ACLP

Jeremiah is the Founder of UNGRUMP.CO, a digital marketing agency specializing in the F&B industry.

Coming from a family of chefs and restauranteurs, Jeremiah has had his roots in F&B, and started in digital marketing, specialising in Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

With a decade of experience in both B2B and Consumer Marketing and another six years of experience as a WordPress Developer / Graphic Designer, he was a former Head of Marketing with several F&B groups before starting UNGRUMP, where he has worked with clients such as Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles, Fitness First, Impact Investment Exchange, Workwell.SG and many more clients across Southeast Asia.

Credentials & Certifications

Executive MBA & BA (Hons) Communications
Founder of, a digital marketing agency '
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance
Over 10 years of experience in B2B and Consumer Marketing

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