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A 1-Day Workshop on

Rapid Rapport Strategies

How To Instantly Build Connections & Strong Bonds


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$580.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

There’s a characteristic that is commonly observed in individuals who achieve professional success in the workplace — It is the remarkable ability to establish quick connections with others, thereby cultivating strong relationships with key individuals in their work environment.

Initially, this ability may appear to be an in-born talent possessed by a fortunate few. However, the truth is — you too can experience interpersonal success by employing a proven arsenal of techniques for building rapport and forming relationships.

In this workshop, you will gain valuable insights into recent psychological discoveries and acquire a range of skills to create meaningful connections with others. By implementing these strategies, you will enjoy the benefits of harmonious and mutually supportive relationships with crucial figures in your workplace, including colleagues, superiors, and clients.

  • The secret psychology of how trust can speedily happen between two people (even if both of them have nothing in common or belong to very different backgrounds)
  • A key technique to trigger ‘feelings of connectedness’ in people (This happens as quickly as within the first 2 minutes of meeting)
  • How to increase your personal likability and have others feel comfortable in getting closer to you
  • Why most dialogues between people are mostly ‘surface talk’ that doesn’t connect (and how to turn things around by applying a method that creates ‘connective conversations’)
  • What to say and do to increase another person’s willingness to cooperate with you
  • 3 factors (proven by scientific behavioral discoveries) on how genuine liking between human beings are formed
  • The art of ‘criticizing without causing resentment’ — learn the ability to effectively criticize a person without causing negative feelings… and instead have him/her respect you for it
  • A reverse-psychology gambit that turns any hostile ‘hard-to-get-along’ person into a friendly cooperative comrade
  • Understand the psychological methods to connect with people and create trust (as quickly as within the first minutes of knowing them)
  • Heighten your likability in the minds of others using the strategies of ‘personal magnetism’
  • Implant rapport-encouraging words & phrases into your conversations to escalate closer bonds and relationships with people
  • Convert the behaviors of hard-to-get-along or hostile individuals and have them become more agreeable and cooperative
  • Obtain long-lasting supportive relationships and trust with important people (such as colleagues, superiors and clients) in your career

Who Should Attend

Directors, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners
Sales, Marketing and Business Development Professionals
Customer & Client Liaison / PR Managers
Banking & Finance Professionals
Procurement Professionals
Anyone Who Needs to Interact and Build Rapport With External / Internal Parties

Our Trainer

Mr. Tylus Lim

Founder & Lead Trainer, Tycoon Brain Productions

BA Marketing, Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor

Tylus is the Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, and a persuasive communications and marketing expert with over 21+ years of business & training experience across a range of course topics such as persuasive communications and marketing.

Tylus specialises in the customisation and delivery of training programmes to schools, public sectors, statutory boards and companies – and help provide valuable learning to the audience using fresh engaging teaching strategies.

With over 13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people in Asia, with participants from different public sectors, schools, agencies and statutory boards, he has developed training programmes with in-depth contents and curriculum that cumulatively add up to over 200+ hours of materials. In addition, he has assisted personal consulting & training clients to improve personal effectiveness and achieve their career goals.

Credentials & Certifications

Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor
Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, a training consultancy
Trained for public sectors, schools, agencies, statutory board
13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people

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