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A 1-Day Workshop on

Persuasion Power

Techniques For Obtaining More 'Yes' From Others


1 Day (9 am to 5 pm)

Course Fee

S$580.00 (exclusive of GST)

Course Overview, Outline and Key Takeways

Over the years, modern research in the field of communications has revealed novel strategies of persuasion that can effectively influence others and bring about more agreeability.

By implementing these strategies, individuals have experienced remarkable improvements in their everyday lives.

For example — team members have been able to influence and establish supportive/cooperative relationships with their colleagues. Employees have effectively influenced their superiors by convincingly conveying their ideas — thus leading to increased recognition. Professionals and managers have presented their thoughts in a persuasive manner, successfully swaying others to their point of view.

This “Persuasion Power” course reveals the latest cutting-edge tools of persuasion, enabling you to gain the utmost advantage in influencing others and attaining your desired outcomes.

  • What are the hidden persuaders that bring out more agreeable responses from people?
  • Trigger emotions in others by using carefully crafted ‘words that convince’
  • The hidden factors behind how liking between people are developed (and what factors can impede that)
  • How to appeal to the human senses and influence positive responses out of people
  • Techniques to have others go from being objections-filled… to becoming cooperative and accepting
  • “The little things that make the difference”: What are the small tweaks you must add into your communications to collectively bring out your most confident and convincing persona?
  • Latest ‘human-influence’ discoveries on how to establish rapport quickly with another person
  • Persuasive tactics for use in specific situations with clients… colleagues… and superiors
  • [In situations with colleagues] Keys to gain a united cooperative working relationship with your colleagues and teams (even if they have diverse backgrounds or work attitudes)
  • [In situations with superiors] How to bring your ideas across to your superior/ boss in a concise yet persuasive manner
  • [In situation with clients] How to communicate in a way that would convince a client you are ‘the only person for the job’… and proceed to do business with you rather than with your competitors?
  • Identify core factors that convinces people to be more agreeable
  • Establish a more persuasive and agreement-getting personality
  • Understand the keys to foster cooperative bonds with others
  • Know how to communicate & convince more effectively with the key people in your life including colleagues, superiors and clients

Who Should Attend

Directors, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners
Sales, Marketing and Business Development Professionals
Customer & Client Liaison / PR Managers
Banking & Finance Professionals
Purchasing Staff
Anyone interested in enhancing their persuasion skills and increase buy-in

Our Trainer

Mr. Tylus Lim

Founder & Lead Trainer, Tycoon Brain Productions

BA Marketing, Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor

Tylus is the Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, and a persuasive communications and marketing expert with over 21+ years of business & training experience across a range of course topics such as persuasive communications and marketing.

Tylus specialises in the customisation and delivery of training programmes to schools, public sectors, statutory boards and companies – and help provide valuable learning to the audience using fresh engaging teaching strategies.

With over 13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people in Asia, with participants from different public sectors, schools, agencies and statutory boards, he has developed training programmes with in-depth contents and curriculum that cumulatively add up to over 200+ hours of materials. In addition, he has assisted personal consulting & training clients to improve personal effectiveness and achieve their career goals.

Credentials & Certifications

Certified WSQ Trainer & Assessor
Founder of Tycoon Brain Productions, a training consultancy
Trained for public sectors, schools, agencies, statutory board
13 years of experience in training and advising more than 85,000 people

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